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Nouria is always looking to grow in existing and new markets. Begin by reviewing our site selection criteria.

Site Selection Criteria

On The Grow

As Nouria continues to grow, we are acquiring, building, and supplying new locations, which include gas and diesel fuels, modern and clean convenience stores, nationally recognized co-brands, our proprietary food service, and state of the art car washes. With this expansion, nouria is actively pursuing new opportunities that fit our standards and long-term growth strategy.

Selection Criteria

Desired Location for Fuel, Car Washes & Convenience Stores

Target Geographic Regions:
Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York (both state and city) and New Jersey.


Criteria for New Site Development

  • Acquisition methods: Purchase, Ground lease, Build to Suit, or modified BTS
  • Parcel sizes: Minimum of 0.75 acre to 30 acres
  • Preferably located at corners, signalized intersections, or with unrestricted access
  • Proximity to highway exits and entrances
  • Zoning for drive-thru is an advantage
  • Must have prominent visibility and complete entry/exit access
  • Traffic flow: over 15,000 vehicles daily
  • Access to public water and sewage systems
  • Located in areas with dense retail and commercial properties
  • High daytime foot traffic and population

Criteria for Acquisitions

  • Consistency in size, framework, and demographics as mentioned aboe
  • Range: From single to a network of 50 operation sites
  • Short duration fuel contracts
  • For lease options, at least 15-year term should remain

Let’s Do Business Together!

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